Top 5 Job Positions In A Golf Shop

Top 5 Job Positions In A Golf Shop

A golf shop is a retail golf store where golfers get golf materials. There are golf equipment, clothing, balls, footwear, and other valuable items playing golf in a golf shop. 

However, there are job openings for unemployed people in a golf shop. Working in a golf shop is lovely because you will have an idea about golf materials and you will also meet a lot of people. Also, you will have an opportunity to establish business relationships with the management, other employees and the members of the golf club. 

Are you unemployed?  Are you looking forward to holding a position or working in a golf shop? Don’t forget that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop. There are positions in a golf club that will suit you. 

Therefore, this write-up will guide and help you know the various positions and qualifications required for each job. Besides, we will also consider the duties of each role you may want to apply for in a golf shop.

Here are the top 5 job positions you can apply for in a golf shop:

Golf Shop Sales Coordinator.

You can work as a sales coordinator in a golf shop. A sales coordinator’s role is to supervise the sales of golf equipment and keep proper recording. This role is to provide on-floor sales leadership and organize events for the top 100 spenders. A golf shop sales coordinator will also oversee and monitor the day-to-day operations of the shop and sales. More so, a sales coordinator must have a retail experience of nothing less than two years. He/she must possess a faultless style, well-built communication skills, leadership ability, and service passion.

Other roles include:

  • Organizing training for other sales professionals
  • Developing junior merchandise program
  • Ability to select  lifestyle and fitness clothes to enhance the company’s golf shop selection
  • Ability to help with an online platform for sales
  • Ability to bring in new ideas that can move the company forward
  • Rendering personal shopping for members with custom orders.

To apply for this position, one must possess retail experience. The golf shop sales coordinator is a full-time position requiring roughly 40hours of work per week. A sales coordinator also monitors the prices of the product. They have to stay relevant in the market to know when there is a discovery regarding the product’s costs. Their job is to know when the general price for products increases or decreases. Although golf knowledge is not required, anyone ready to take up this role must have a passion for learning skills and techniques about the club.

Golf Club Associate

A golf club associate is playing the role of an assistant manager. A golf club associate’s responsibility is to provide excellent customer service to members and their guest constantly.  He must possess good organization skills, and he should be able to work independently. A golf club associate must be able to pay rapt attention to detail. Also, to work in this position, retail experience is preferred but not obligatory.

Professional presentation and appearance are part of the experience required to play this role.

Club Manager

Are you looking forward to understanding the business of running a golf club? You can become a club manager. Apart from overseeing the golf operation at a club, a manager must run the food and beverage operations. A club manager also keeps records of all activities. Also, a golf club manager operates the golf pool and control all functions of a club. As a manager, you may have to look after the financial sustainability of the golf course. A golf shop manager must speak fluently before groups of customers and other employees of the organization. This position has supervisory responsibility. This position requires a bachelor’s degree with five years of experience. Therefore, if you like to apply for this role, you must possess the following :

  • Leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Retail experience is mandatory
  • Listening skills
  • Ability to create and manage online platforms for sales
  • A magnetic personality that helps to build

Buyer – Retail Division

This job position is to manage the assigned merchandise categories. And it must be within the Retail Division and portfolio of shops throughout the company’s resort. Before you can be fully employed, you must know retail math acumen, including gross margin, markup and markdown. Also, you must be proficient in Microsoft Office, and a Bachelor’s degree is required.

Also, to acquire this role in a golf shop, performing data entry on the computer system is required.

Therefore, If you are applying for this role, your essential duties and responsibilities are:

  • To develop and execute a buying strategy for assigned categories and shops.
  • To conduct financial business analysis
  • To monitor the shop level
  • To maintain excellent vendor relations
  • To keep on maintaining the top position in the market trends

Visual Merchandiser 

Visual Merchandiser’s position is to increase sales profit strategically. This position is to create a pleasing merchandise display and promoting product sales within the retail shop. Also, this position requires an applicant with excellent creating skill, artistic ability and organizing skills. click here to learn more about Visual merchandiser.

Hence, a visual merchandiser must possess the ability to read and interpret documents like safe rules and procedure manuals.

This role requires a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of one year of experience. Therefore, the essential duties and responsibilities of this position are:

  • Friendliness to customers and other employees
  • Observe all safety and security procedures
  • Develop and create visual merchandise plans
  • Presenting and planning practical promotional ideas
  • Perform other job duties as assigned
  • Supervisory responsibility
  • Participate in all retail event and inventories
  • Seve as retail MOD as scheduled

You need to know the duties and responsibilities of the post you are applying for before you apply. Don’t ever think you can’t work with a golf club. We have listed the top five(5) job positions in the golf shop for you. Therefore, working in a golf shop is pleasant if you know the job positions and requirements.