What Are The Features Of A Golf Club?

You can tell a good golfer from the rest just by how they well they know which type of golf club to use at each point of the game. Over time, famous golfers have all been associated with a unique selection of their golf set or pack. For the green golfers, a golf club is a club (wooden, iron, wedge, etc.) used in a game of golf to hit a golf ball into a hole. It consists of three main components, which are the grip, shaft, and clubhead. The type of club you use is determined by the distance between the ball and the hole majorly. Regardless, the ball’s distance to the loft (angle between the club’s face and the vertical plane) also plays a huge part. It is thereby noteworthy to say a golf club is as important as the game of golf itself.

Parts of a Golf Club

A golf club consists of the following parts:

Grip: This is where you hold or the handle of the club. It must be firm and not slippery to avoid falling off during swing.

Shaft: This is the long tube-like part that connects the golfer’s grip to the clubhead and supplies the force releases from the swing. The weight of the shaft is a very important factor to consider when choosing a golf club. It determines the swing tempo and consistency.

Clubhead: This is the bottom part of the golf club that is used to hit the ball.

Blade | Muscle Back: This is a thin and solid part of an iron clubhead 

Cavity Back: It is a thick and hollow back carved out of an iron clubhead.

Socket: It is a connecting hollow part of the golf club that connects the shaft to the clubhead. It is also referred to as neck or hosel.

Ferrule: This is a covering in between the shaft and the hosel. It is used to cover the rough edges of the hosel.

Offset: An offset is used to describe a club in which the point where the clubhead sits behind the shaft is bent.

Loft: This is the angle between the club’s face and the vertical plane (ground). It determines the trajectory of the golf ball.

Grooves: This can be likened to drainage. It is a cut in the clubhead’s surface to allow debris and water from the tough to escape.

Clubface: This refers to the angle the golf club is facing relative to the ground.

Trailing edge: The trailing edge is located at the bottom of the back of the clubhead. It refers to the edge of the back part of the sole of the club

Leading-edge: This is the part of the club that touches the ground when swung. It is the edge of the golf club

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Types of Golf Club

  1. Wood: The wood is the golf club that can move the ball the farthest distance. The name does not necessarily imply that the clubhead is made of wood. It can be made of metal such as steel. A feature of the wood club is its characteristic big clubhead and long hollow shaft. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to swing. The wood club’s loft is not its biggest strength; that is why they are used in hitting the balls over long distances. 
  2. Iron: The iron club is used to hit balls to a distance that is less than 200 yards. The iron clubhead is made of metal and is smaller and thinner than the wood club. They are numbered 1 through 9 based on the long, medium, and short clubs. The long clubs have the least lofts while the shorter clubs have the highest lofts, i.e., they can lift the ball highest.
  3. Wedge: The wedge club has the highest loft and is used for distances up to 130 yards. There are four different wedge clubs which are: more about wedge visit
  • Pitcher Wedge –High loft with little bounce 
  • Lob Wedge – Has the most lofts of all the wedges and are used to lift trapped balls into the field again but not a far distance
  • Sand Wedge-It has a loft capable of rising it from the sand trap into the trough and is also used for rough toughs.
  • Gap Wedge-It has the advantage of being used in different areas. The loft is higher than the pitch, and it can be used as a sand or pitcher wedge.
  1. Putter: They are used to put (roll) the ball into the hole
  2. Hybrid: This is a crossbreed or a combination of the wood and iron club.
  3. Chipper: Its head is similar to a putter, and it has the same stroke. 

What Does a Full Set of Golf Clubs Consist of?

A full set of golf clubs consists of twelve clubs: three woods, one wedge, one putter, one hybrid, and six irons. However, some golfers prefer to carry up to fourteen golf clubs, with two additional iron clubs. The wood is used to tee off and the irons when approaching the field. The wedges are used when the ball is cut in a trap, either sand or tall grasses. Then, the putter is used to roll the ball into the hole. It is essential to have this complete set for different distances and technicalities. This set can be gotten from the Titleist golf club

How to Purchase a Golf Club

As a beginner or a pro in golf, one thing you need to win a good golf club set, at least. There is a lot to consider: like the cost, weight of the club, and the skill set you have. Talking about the cost, some persons might opt to buy a second-hand golf club to save cost or buying them one after the other. 

The Titleist golf club is the best place to purchase your golf clubs and to get professional advice on the game and golf club types, the specifications, and the set of golf clubs that are best for you.